2008 Virginia Republican Convention Featured Stage With Greek Columns

Reuters reports that Barack Obama will deliver his Thursday night acceptance speech before an “elaborate columned stage resembling a miniature Greek temple”:


Conservatives are mocking the stage as a “temple of Obama.” Ed Morrissey writes, “That this scales heights of presumptuousness can hardly be refuted.” One anonymous McCain adviser quipped, “Is this from the Onion?” No, but it may be inspired by the stage at the 2008 Virginia Republican Convention:


Watch some video highlights of Virginia conservatives presumptuously speaking before Greek columns:

Former Sen. George Allen delivered the keynote before the Greek columns. Watch here and here.


Victor Davis Hanson chimes in with his criticism, calling the Greek columns “blind hubris.”

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,Atrios: “And there are these giant buildings all over this city, Washington DC, where many of these reporters live and work. I assume they’ve noticed a couple of them.”

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CitiDC says, “The newly redesigned multimillion dollar Bush White House press briefing room features Greek columns as well.”