Palin has never been to Iraq.

Speaking with evident condescension” earlier this year, John McCain assaulted Barack Obama for having visited Iraq only once. (Obama subsequently visited Iraq for a second time recently.) “Sen. Obama has been to Iraq once,” he said, “my friends, this is about leadership and learning.” Over on the Wonk Room, Matt Duss notes that McCain’s VP pick Sarah Palin has apparently never visited Iraq, though she does have a son who will deploy there next month. “McCain has shortchanged the issue which he himself insists is the most important — national security,” Duss writes.

UPDATE: Palin did visit troops in Kuwait in 2007. She didn’t disclose at the time whether she was also traveling north to Iraq.

UPDATE II: “I’m not here to judge the idea of withdrawing, or the timeline,” Palin said in a teleconference interview with reporters from Kuwait in 2007. “I’m not going to judge even the surge.”

UPDATE III: In an interview with Charlie Rose on October 12, 2007, Palin said “national security issues” will determine the election.