Senior McCain Adviser Praises Palin For Raising Taxes, Says ‘We Have To Have Taxes In This Country’

During an interview with Steve Schmidt, Sen. John McCain’s (R-AZ) senior campaign adviser, last night on CBS Evening News, host Katie Couric noted that Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK) raised taxes and lobbied for earmarks — policies McCain claims he is against. Couric then asked Schmidt, “how does that square with John McCain’s philosophy?”

In response, Schmidt seemingly decided to ditch any pairing with McCain’s anti-tax philosophy and instead tried to “square” Palin with McCain and his alleged “maverick” persona, praising the fact that Palin had raised taxes because “she doesn’t adhere to a dogmatic principle”:

SCHMIDT: She raised sales taxes because that was the right thing to do for that town at that time. It shows that she doesn’t adhere to a dogmatic principle. We have to have taxes in this country. Here’s the difference. Sen. Obama wants to raise everybody’s federal taxes. Gov. Palin and Sen. McCain are going to cut them.

Watch it:

The McCain campaign has made the claim that Obama is going to raise every Americans’ taxes a mantra over the last several months, even though that claim is false. In fact, immediately after Schmidt praised Palin for raising taxes, he attacked Obama, saying he “wants to raise everybody’s federal taxes.”

The fact is that McCain’s tax policies would not only balloon the federal deficit, but they would actually raise taxes on the middle class while saving all the benefits for the rich.

So it seems that according to Schmidt, raising taxes is ok as long as you’re a Republican.

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