Kristol: Dating a stripper is ‘important for your character.’

Speaking at the Republican National Convention last night, former senator Fred Thompson mentioned that as a young man, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) “did drive a Corvette and date a girl who worked in a bar as an exotic dancer under the name of Marie, the Flame of Florida.” Thompson said this experience helped him “survive” his POW experience. Fox’s Bill Kristol and Brit Hume laughed conspiratorially at the idea of dating a stripper:

NINA EASTON: I thought — then Fred Thompson, we have heard the John McCain POW story before. But I thought he did an incredibly eloquent job using his acting skills to retell that. I’m still not sure how dating an exotic dancer helped john McCain survive that period [laughing], but it was colorful.

BILL KRISTOL: I’ll explain the dating exotic dancer thing to Nina off air.

BRIT HUME: It’s a guy thing?

KRISTOL: It’s important!

HUME: It’s a guy thing, right.

KRISTOL: It’s important for your character in a way that Nina might not fully understand.

Watch it:

Ironically, after Fox’s frat-boy-like enthusiasm for strippers, Fox News spent the next day infuriated over the supposed sexism of Gov. Sarah Palin’s critics.

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