Olbermann fact-checks Huckabee.

During his RNC speech tonight, Mike Huckabee declared that Sarah Palin “got more votes running for Mayor of Wasilla than Joe Biden got running for President of the United States.” After his speech, MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann pointed out that this was a lie, since Biden received more than 30,000 votes in the primaries, while Palin received 616 votes — to her opponent’s 413 — in her 1998 bid:

OLBERMANN: Biden got 15,000 votes in Florida, 18,000 votes in California, in the primaries there — more than could have been gotten in two elections for the mayor of Wasilla, Alaska for Sarah Palin.

Watch it:

Olbermann also corrected Huckabee’s claim that Abraham Lincoln was the founder of the Republican Party. “It was actually founded in 1854 by disaffected members of the Whig party,” Olbermann said, adding, “Mr. Lincoln joined later on and ran for office in 1860.”