Rep. Virgil Goode rails against ‘anchor babies’

In a debate on Wednesday, Rep. Virgil Goode (R-VA) repeatedly used the derogatory term “anchor babies” when talking about the issue of undocumented immigration, calling for a “fix” to the situation:

GOODE: There’s not going to be a consensus in Congress to fix the anchor baby situation until you get more persons like me who are willing to say, No to the anchor baby and no to the Nancy Pelosi’s of this Congress, who depends on the Hispanic Caucus. … But you don’t have blanket anchor babies occurring day in and day out in the United States of America and having the taxpayers continue to foot the bill. They come in from Mexico, Guatemala, Salvador, and have ’em in this country.

Watch it:

Deporting these legal citizens would require a constitutional amendment stripping the natural-born citizen clause from the Fourteenth Amendment. No wonder Goode’s opponent, Tom Perriello, said there is “exactly zero chance” Goode’s “fix” could pass.