Flashback: McCain wanted ‘as much possible campaigning’ with Bush.

Interviewed by Bloomberg’s Al Hunt this weekend, Sen. John McCain’s (R-AZ) campaign manager Rick Davis said McCain would no longer campaign with President Bush:

Q: Do you expect to campaign with President Bush this fall?

DAVIS: No. Again. We’ve turned that page. I mean, that page is gone.

The campaign’s position is a stark departure from McCain’s rhetoric just six months ago when he received Bush’s endorsement. At the time, McCain said he said he would have “as much possible campaigning” with Bush:

McCAIN: I intend to have as much possible campaigning events together, as it is in keeping with the President’s heavy schedule. And I look forward to that opportunity. I look forward to the chance to bring our message to America. … I hope that the President will find time from his busy schedule to be out on the campaign trail with me.

Watch a compilation:

According to a September USA Today/Gallup poll, 64 percent of voters are concerned that McCain “would pursue policies that are too similar to what George W. Bush has pursued.”

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