White House: Bush thought Palin ‘handled herself well’ in ABC interview.

In yesterday’s interview with ABC, Gov. Sarah Palin was stumped when asked what the “Bush Doctrine” of preventive warfare is, falsely claiming it is President Bush’s “worldview.” Today, White House Press Secretary Tony Fratto said Palin “handled herself well.” But when asked if Bush’s feelings were “hurt” by Palin’s ignorance of the Bush Doctrine, Fratto quickly changed the subject:

FRATTO: He saw some of the coverage. He thought she handled herself well.

Q Are his feelings hurt that she wasn’t readily available with an answer about what the Bush doctrine is?

FRATTO: I don’t have anything on that. Let’s go through the week ahead — or do you have any more, or are we good? The week ahead. Let’s see, Saturday and Sunday the President will be in Washington.