George Allen will be a featured speaker at Virginia GOP rally reaching out to minorities.

On Saturday, Northern Virginia Republicans will be staging a “unity” rally to “improve their appeal among the region’s large ethnic population.” One of the planned speakers? Former Republican George Allen, who in 2006, called a young man of Indian descent “macaca” (a racial slur). TPM reports:

senator_george_allen_with_horse.jpg “George Allen has an excellent record on issues of diversity, reaching out to people,” Gerry Scimeca, communications director for the state party, told us. “His whole career, his whole life have been a testament to a guy who’s treated people equally across racial lines, across every kind of line.” […]

Scimeca argued that Allen’s father was a football coach who held up his players, many of whom were African-Americans, as role models for his children. “This is not a racist man,” Scimeca said. “He never did anything — this was totally out of character.”