Former Bush adviser on working for Bush: Don’t want to ’emphasize that on your resume.’

bushtexas.jpgIn the Texas Observer today, Anthony Zurcher describes how “no one’s been rolling out the red carpet” for Bush administration officials as they return to Texas. “For every Karen Hughes who lands a highly paid consulting gig, there’s an Alberto Gonzales, who seems condemned to wander the Earth in search of gainful employment,” writes Zurcher. Former Bush pollster Matthew Dowd explains why the Bush association makes it difficult “to make a go of a political career“:

If any of Bush’s Texas crowd wants to make a go of a political career, however, they’re going to have to do it in spite of their ties to the administration and not because of them, at least in near term.

“Bush is an anchor,” Dowd said. “I don’t think you can take your experience in Washington working with the Bush administration and emphasize that on your resumé.”

After leaving the administration in disgrace, former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales found it difficult to find a job. Gonzales has only been able to find work recently, providing assistance to a special master on a patent case.