McCain disregards Petraeus’ advice, hits Obama for not using the word ‘victory.’

Delivering a campaign speech in Columbus, OH today, John McCain blasted Sen. Barack Obama for not using the word “victory” when speaking about Iraq:

McCAIN: By the way, on Friday night, did you ever hear the word victory from Senator Obama?


McCAIN: My friends, if we continue this surge under this great general, we will come home – and our troops will come home – with victory and honor. And not in defeat.

Watch it:

As ThinkProgress has frequently noted, the “great general” to whom McCain referred – David Petraeus – has explicitly suggested not using the language McCain seems so fond of. “This is not the sort of struggle where you take a hill, plant the flag and go home to a victory parade… it’s not war with a simple slogan,” Petraeus said. He added that he doesn’t think he’ll ever use the word, citing the “need for real restraint” in public pronouncements. Watch it: