McCain jokes: ‘I’m not a rich man.’

This morning on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Sen. John McCain talked baseball with Joe Scarborough. Scarborough, calling McCain a “gambling man,” asked which baseball team would make it to the World Series. McCain said the Dodgers have potential, jokingly adding, “But that shows why I’m not a rich man”:

I think the Dodgers are not to be underestimated given the fact that they’ve got some pretty strong pitching. So I think it’s very possible that both of those teams, both the Dodgers and Red Sox, could surprise everybody. But that shows why I’m not a rich man. (Laughter)

Watch it:

Of course, McCain — who owns roughly eight homes and 13 cars — has always had a bizarre definition of rich. When Pastor Rick Warren asked him to “define rich,” McCain responded with a joke, asking, “How about $5 million?” In August, McCain said he defines rich “in other ways beside income.” He added that some people “are poor if they’re billionaires.”

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