Right-wing group boycotts Google for opposing Prop. 8.

Randy Thomasson of the right-wing group Campaign for Children and Families (CCF) has called for a boycott of Google for its opposition to Proposition 8, which would ban same-sex marriage in California. “There needs to be a response from people who will say, ‘I’m not going to put a dime of my money or time into businesses that are attacking the sacred institution of marriage,'” Thomasson told OneNewsNow. However, Valleywag points out that CCF’s webpage directs users to search Google News for “news related to marriage”:

According to Thomasson, Google also elevates “pagan-type holidays.”


Thomasson also pushed hard for Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) to veto a bill honoring LGBT icon Harvey Milk, saying that it would “positively portray to children homosexual experimentation, homosexual ‘marriages,’ sex-change operations, and anything else that’s ‘in the closet.'”

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