Media Rip Palin For Lying About Troopergate Report, But Campaign Keeps Lying

The Washington Post Fact Checker takes a look at Sarah Palin’s claim that the Troopergate report cleared her “of any hint of any kind of unethical activity.” The Post writes that is the “reverse of the truth”: “What is not debatable is that the report clearly states that she violated the State Ethics Act. ” The Post awards Palin four Pinocchios — its highest rating for false statements.


ABC News’ Jake Tapper also notes that Palin’s statements are “flatly false.”

On MSNBC this afternoon, host Andrea Mitchell asked McCain-Palin campaign spokeswoman Meg Stapleton: “Wasn’t [Palin] overstating it? She wasn’t cleared of anything unethical because the conclusion was that she had violated the ethics rules of the state of Alaska.” Stapleton responded, “This Governor did nothing wrong and did nothing unlawful.” Watch it: