Loyal Bushies refuse to screen ‘W.’

Yesterday, Oliver Stone’s movie “W.” opened in theaters nationwide, taking a look at President Bush’s rise to power. However, former Bush administration staffers are in no rush to see the film, according to ABC News:

ABCNews.com contacted about 25 Republicans and former Bush administration staffers and found only one — former Press Secretary Scott McClellan — who would preview the film and comment on its accuracy. And even he was sqeamish. […]

“I have no plans to see it,” said Mark McKinnon, who advised Bush’s two presidential campaigns. “And I really don’t even want to do anything that brings any more publicity to the movie.” […]

Paul Wolfowitz, former deputy secretary of defense and the major architect of the Iraq War, told ABCNews.com, “Sorry, no thanks.”

A secretary in the office of Wolfowitz, who was portrayed by Dennis Boutsikaris as the Machiavellian mastermind who beat the war drum, told ABCNews.com, “Don’t hold your breath.”

Both Ari Fleischer and John Ashcroft also declined to see the film.