Perino apparently unaware that former Treasury Secretary Snow testified on the Hill yesterday.

During yesterday’s House Oversight Committee Hearing on the Financial Crisis, former Treasury Secretary John Snow suggested that the push to expand homeownership was “overdone.” Today, a reporter tried to ask White House Press Secretary Dana Perino about Snow’s comments. Perino, however, had no idea that Snow even testified:

Q: Yesterday, the President’s former Treasury Secretary said that the push for homeownership, the bipartisanship push for homeownership simply went too far. And he went beyond saying that unqualified people —

PERINO: Are you talking about Greenspan, or —

Q: I’m talking about John Snow.

PERINO: John Snow, okay. Was he testifying?

Q: Yes, he testified to the House committee.

PERINO: Okay. I didn’t see his remarks. So hopefully, I’ll be able to answer your question.

Q: Well, maybe you won’t. (Laughter.)

Watch it: