Fox news whines: Five interviews isn’t enough, Palin should be on every Fox show.

Time Magazine’s Mark Halperin reports that Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK) will appear on Fox’s Hannity and Colmes tonight, her fourth interview with Sean Hannity (including one appearance on his radio show). All told, this will be Palin’s fifth Fox News sit-down. But apparently that’s not enough for Fox’s Megyn Kelly, who demanded that Palin give an interview with each and every Fox News host:

KELLY: Was it the McCain campaign’s responsibility to give her out to other organizations so that there wasn’t this monopoly for an entire week of the Couric soundbites being run over and over and over? She has yet to do any Fox daytime. She has not gone on this broadcast. She hasn’t gone on Fox and Friends. She hasn’t done Brit Hume’s show. She hasn’t done O’Reilly. I mean, why let it just sit there, all week, just the Katie Couric soundbites over and over?

Her guest, conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer, agreed, saying Palin should have done more talk radio interviews. Watch it:

In the meantime, Palin still refuses to give a press conference.