Salter on Palin and Russia: ‘They have, like, fishing disputes.’

palingun.jpgAfter Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was chosen as Sen. John McCain’s (R-AZ) running mate, the McCain campaign and its conservative supporters began arguing that Alaska’s proximity to Russia meant that Palin had foreign policy experience. But the claim soon became a punchline, being brutally mocked by Saturday Night Live. In mid-September, top McCain adviser Mark Salter defended the argument, saying that “they have, like, fishing disputes“:

I asked Salter if he had a sense of Governor Palin’s grasp of national security issues. He brought up the Russia talking point, amplifying it thusly: “They border Russia. People mock that. But they have, like, fishing disputes.”

This strained talking point has been pushed before. In early September, when “Republican strategist” Tyler Harber pushed it on Fox News, Fox’s Gregg Jarrett replied, “Oh, come on. That’s a far cry from major international experience.”