Pelosi And Dean Beat Back Conservatives’ Claim That America Is Still ‘Center-Right’

As ThinkProgress noted earlier today, several media talking heads have repeatedly insisted that the country remains “center right” — despite President-elect Obama’s resounding victory and significant gains in House, Senate, state, and local races. Watch a compilation here.

In separate press conferences today, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and DNC Chairman Howard Dean wholly rejected the right-wing’s talking points. Pelosi explained that the “center” of the country is progressive and that it demands legislation like raising the minimum wage and making college more affordable:

PELOSI: What is interesting about the last couple of years in my view is that when we say from the center, we’re talking about what we did in a bipartisan way, to raise the minimum wage first time in ten years, to make college more affordable…honor the service of our veterans. … So all of these things that were initiatives of the Democratic Congress, I don’t know if you call them progressive, they are I think, but they had strong bipartisan support because they meet the needs of the American people from right to left.

Responding to RNC Chairman Mike Duncan’s claim that the U.S. is still “center right,” Dean used Nebraska as an example of progressive reach. Dean cited polling showed that Nebraskans “actually agreed with Democratic positions more than they did with the Republican positions”:

DEAN: I don’t think this is a center right country. … We don’t think this is particularly conservative country. We think this a country that is pretty much right down the middle and very, very moderate. When President Obama talks about working about working with people, the reason we think he can be successful in that is because that’s where the American people are.

Watch it:

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