Newspapers announcing Obama victory fly off the racks.

Even though it printed 30 percent more copies today, the Washington Post announced that they “sold out within hours” today as DC residents rushed to pick up a copy celebrating Obama’s historic victory. People were disappointed when Post circulation officials “closed the office doors and posted a sign saying ‘SOLD OUT.'” Similar stories were reported in Dayton, OH; Chicago; Miami; New York City; Atlanta; and Burbank, CA. Some shots of the empty newsstands by the ThinkProgress offices in downtown DC:


The Plank’s Isaac Chotiner recounted the scene at his local newsstand this morning: “Usually the place is full of businessmen purchasing the FT, and pointy-headed types perusing a foreign newspaper or intellectual journal. Today the line–consisting almost entirely of African-Americans–was stretching out the door. Customers were buying three or four or even ten copies of the Times and the Post. Today’s edition was one to keep.”

UPDATE: Later today, the Washington Post released another 150,000 copies of its commemorative election edition. The line stretched around the block.