Campbell Brown rips McCain aides for blaming Palin for McCain loss: ‘You picked her.’

Recently, former McCain staffers have been leaking embarrassing information about Gov. Sarah Palin’s cluelessness on foreign policy and her unprofessional behavior. Top aide Steve Schmidt wouldn’t say whether she was a good VP choice. Yesterday, CNN’s Campbell Brown excoriated these aides, noting that they were the ones who vetted Palin and trumpeted her candidacy:

BROWN: To those McCain aides who say she is the reason they lost this election… can I please remind you of one thing: you picked her. You are the ones who supposedly vetted her, and then told the American people she was qualified for the job. You are the ones who after meeting her a couple of times, told us she was ready to be just one heartbeat away from the Presidency. … If Sarah Palin is the reason some voters chose Barack Obama, that is no one’s fault but your own.

Watch it:

“John McCain, as he so graciously said himself the other night, lost this election. He lost it with your help, your advice, your guidance, and yes, your running mate recommendations,” she added. “And that is crystal clear to everyone, no matter how hard you try to blame Sarah Palin or anyone else.” (HT: Atrios)