Cantor: Republicans lack ‘the ability to be relevant to people’s lives.’

cantor.jpgIn a new interview with the Washington Times, Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) says that he believes the Republican Party has failed to respond to issues that are “relevant” to Americans including health care, education, and infrastructure:

Where we have really fallen down is, we have lacked the ability to be relevant to people’s lives. Let’s set aside the last eight years, and our falling down in living up to expectations of what we said we were going to do,” Mr. Cantor told The Washington Times in his district office outside of Richmond. “It’s the relevancy question.” […]

“It’s the roads, it’s going to the gas station, that’s still there when the price will bump back up. It’s education, it’s health care. These are the issues, frankly, that we have not been on offense with,” he said.

Cantor is expected to join the House Republican Leadership as Minority Whip.