Perle still holding out for ‘George W. Bush Square’ in Baghdad.

perleweb.jpgIn September 2003, Iraq war architect Richard Perle famously stated that the Iraqis “have been liberated” and that “a year from now, I’ll be very surprised if there is not some grand square in Baghdad that is named after President Bush.” When Perle was asked about that comment in a recent interview with Foreign Policy magazine, he wouldn’t back down, claiming that “absolutely” the Iraqis have been liberated. He even suggested there’s still a chance his dream of a square named after Bush in Baghdad can be realized:

FP: Does the rosy picture at all represent the country we see today? […]

PERLE: Is it rosy today? Do I think most Iraqis have been liberated? Absolutely. …Obviously if it deteriorates into chaos or a new Saddam emerges and people are no better off than they were before, then there won’t be [a square named after President Bush]. …I think [Iraqis] will look back and say, we paid a terrible price, but it’s worth it.