Obama’s resignation letter read on Senate floor.

Today, a Senate floor spokesperson read out loud Barack Obama’s resignation letter. The letter read: “To the President of the Senate: This letter is to inform you that I resign from the United States Senate effective November 16, 2008, in order to prepare for my duties as President of the United States.” Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) remarked, “Wow, that was quite a letter you just read”:

I must tell you, to be here for this historic moment, my heart is just racing. This is indeed a moment of passage in the United States Senate, and in the passage for the country. … I will cherish this moment because it will be a historic moment, from ‘We need change,” and ‘Yes, we can,” to a long campaign trail, to Election Night, to a charismatic speech calling us to act like an American community, not only a country of which we’re proud, a nation we hold dear, but an American community.

Watch it:

Read Obama’s full resignation letter to Illinois residents here. (HT: The Crypt)