Would Bush pre-emptively pardon Rumsfeld?

rumsfeld-gunfingers1.jpg The Wall Street Journal reported that the White House is “isn’t inclined to grant sweeping pardons” for former officials involved in its torture program. ThinkProgress wondered whether former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was seeking a pardon anyway, but a person close to him, who requested anonymity, vehemently dismissed such speculation:

Are you serious? You’ve now officialy [sic] spent too much time among the fevered minds of the Kossacks and ThinkProgress crowd … It’s good to know that the election of Obama hasn’t dampened the delusionary fantasies of the far left.

Considering that he personally approved the use of torture against al Qaeda suspects, Rumsfeld is certainly putting a lot of faith into the torture memos that the White House believes make blanket pardons “unnecessary.”