Bush Legacy Watch: Is he the next MLK?

The Dallas Morning News reports that George W. Bush Library foundation president Mark Langdale downplayed suggestions that Bush political guru Karl Rove is heading up Bush’s “legacy project.” However, Langdale noted that Rove will continue to provide advice for the library’s attached “policy institute” — which has received criticism from Methodist ministers and SMU faculty because its research projects will reportedly “celebrate” Bush’s presidency rather than maintain academic integrity. And it seems that Langdale may have already begun the celebration. Pictured behind him in the photo provided along with the Morning News article is a photo of Bush superimposed over Martin Luther King, Jr.:



The Bush library’s contracted web developers allowed the domain name www.GeorgeWBushLibrary.com to expire and had to buy it back for $35,000 from another company that purchased it for less than $10. Langdale said he was unaware of the transaction.

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