Right wing promotes Mitt ‘the jobs aren’t coming back’ Romney for ‘car czar.’

Right-wing pundits and bloggers are calling for former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney to oversee the restructuring of the auto industry. “There can’t be too many folks who would be better qualified to be ‘Car Czar’ than Mitt Romney,” writes the National Review’s Jim Geraghty. Investor’s Business Daily argues, “His qualifications are curiously perfect.” For his part, Romney appears to be coyly signaling that he would be happy to serve in the position:

romneycar.gifFOX NEWS: We only have about a minute left, but I’m curious, Governor. I mean, it would almost seem like this would be a challenge you would enjoy. You’ve done the Olympics. You’re a business guy. You’re from Michigan. You’re from a car family. Wouldn’t car czar be a fascinating and interesting challenge for you?

ROMNEY: You know, my guess is that any one of the remarkable business leaders we have in this country would not pine for the job but would accept it out of a sense of obligation and duty.

The Romney endorsement is a minor step up from Fred Barnes’ nomination of Phil “mental recession” Gramm. During the presidential primary campaign, Romney said he’d be “ashamed” to tell the people of Michigan their jobs are coming back. “These people know that a lot of these jobs aren’t coming back,” he added. In a recent New York Times op-ed, Romney declared: “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt.”