Rove-protege Tim Griffin considering running for Arkansas Senate seat in 2010.

griffin.jpgIn a message on his Twitter account today, former Arkansas U.S. attorney and Karl Rove-protege Tim Griffin hinted that he is considering a “senate run” in 2010 against Sen. Blanche Lincoln. In an interview with the AP, Griffin confirmed that he was indeed mulling a run, saying that he was “certainly thinking about it“:

“I am certainly thinking about it,” Griffin said. “I’m going to spend some time going around the state and talking to folks and getting an idea of the interest level. … I’m going to try and hit all 75 counties as soon as possible and I know that’s a tall order trying to hit all of those in the next few months.

Griffin is controversial beyond his involvement in the U.S. attorney scandal. As RNC research director in 2004, Griffin reportedly led a “caging” scheme to suppress the votes of likely Democratic voters, including African-American service members in Florida.