Bush library foundation president already spinning Katrina response.

In an article today on the George W. Bush presidential library, McClatchy notes that “[t]he present hasn’t worked out so well” for Bush. “So now he’s banking on a kinder and gentler future.” Bush library foundation president Mark Langdale says he is “confident that people will come to change their mind about the president and some of the decisions he made.” How will the Bush library accomplish this task? Spin. And Langdale has already begun, calling the debacle surrounding Bush’s response to Hurricane Katrina “the limitations of government assistance”:

bushbust11.jpgLangdale says the Bush museum will not avoid the most divisive episodes of the president’s eight years in office, such as the administration’s much-criticised humanitarian response to Hurricane Katrina. […]

“There’s an interesting lesson about Katrina and the limitations of government assistance to respond to big natural disasters,” Langdale said. “They are acts of God, and they are tough. It’s definitely a story line I would not shy away from addressing somehow in the museum.”

Indeed, this doesn’t seem to be Langdale’s first act of Bush celebration. Pictured behind him in a photo accompanying a separate article on the library last week was a photo of Bush superimposed over Martin Luther King Jr.

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