Former detainee: Gitmo is the ‘worst place in the world.’

This week, a judge ordered the release of three Guantanamo detainees, the first to be released as a result of a U.S. court ruling, because the government failed to prove they were “enemy combatants.” One detainee had particularly strong feelings about being held for seven years without charge at Guantanamo:

“For almost seven years, I was at the end of the world, at the worst place in the world,” Mustafa Ait Idir told the Dnevni Avaz a day after arriving back in his adopted homeland of Bosnia. “It would have been hard even if I had done something wrong (but) it is much harder if one is totally innocent,” he said.

Vice President Cheney said this week that Guantanamo was “well-run” and detainees were “well-treated.”