Bush’s former deputy attorney general: ‘Eric Holder should be confirmed.’

Recently, conservatives have been rallying behind Karl Rove’s call to obstruct Attorney General nominee Eric Holder’s confirmation hearings, citing the 2001 pardon of Marc Rich. Today, former deputy attorney general Jim Comey, who famously clashed with the Bush administration on illegal wiretapping, endorsed Holder, saying he will ensure that the DOJ is free from political influence:

I know a lot of good people who have made significant mistakes. I think Mr. Holder’s may actually make him a better steward of the Department of Justice because he has learned a hard lesson about protecting the integrity of that great institution from political fixers. I’m not suggesting errors of judgment are qualification for high office, but in this case, where the nominee is a smart, decent, humble man, who knows and loves the Department and has demonstrated his commitment to the rule of law across an entire career, the error should not disqualify him. Eric Holder should be confirmed as Attorney General.