Scenes of U.S. soldiers celebrating Christmas abroad.

In Iraq, U.S. soldiers in Sadr City decorate a tree while another plays plays a harmonica:


In Afghanistan, Spanish and U.S. soldiers hold candles during Christmas Eve celebrations while others attend church services:


President Bush called nine members of the armed forces on Christmas Eve to thank them for their service. President-elect Obama used a holiday radio address to urge the nation to remember the troops. “Many troops are serving their second, third or even fourth tour of duty,” Obama said. “This holiday season, their families celebrate with a joy that is muted knowing that a loved one is absent and sometimes in danger.”


Yesterday, Fort Campbell welcomed back over 200 soldiers just in time for Christmas. “The soldiers from the 101st Combat Aviation Brigade were originally scheduled for a 15-month tour to that country, but their deployment was reduced to 12.”

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