Bush will use federal funds to install security gate to protect his Dallas home.

After he leaves office on Jan. 20, President Bush will be giving up his photo-op Crawford ranch and moving to the affluent Dallas neighborhood known as Preston Hollow. Newsweek noted that the Bush family has “found a friendly pocket” in a Texas county that went for Obama. But Bush isn’t taking any chances. He will be using federal funds to build a security gate around his “friendly pocket.” The Dallas Morning News reports:

bushhouse.gifDallas City Manager Mary Suhm confirmed Monday that the younger Bush is seeking to have a gate placed somewhere along the entrance to streets leading to his future Preston Hollow address.

The plan, which requires approval by the Dallas City Council, isn’t expected to encounter much opposition at City Hall, and the Bushes’ neighbors seem to be on board.

So far, several options to limit access to the Bushes’ new street have been discussed. But a final decision on exactly where to place the gate hasn’t been recommended, Suhm said.

Federal money would pay for the gate, not the city, she said.

“The Bushes apparently bought a four-bedroom, ranch-style home at 10141 Daria Place through a private trust that Mr. Bush established after he was elected governor. The county appraises the house at nearly $2.1 million, but the home sold for considerably more.”