Bush already packing up to leave the White House.

President Bush has repeatedly said that he plans to “sprint to the finish,” remaining active and engaged until the very last day of his presidency. However, it appears that he may be beginning to check out early. In yesterday’s press briefing, White House Press Secretary Dana Perino said that the President has already started packing his bags:

Q: Dana, how will it work around here — I mean, two weeks out — how did it work around here? When do boxes start coming out? When do you start putting things away? When do the — when does the First Family pack up and the moving vans come in? How does all that work?

PERINO: Well, you know how — the President’s style is always to be one that’s a little bit prepared early, and he and Mrs. Bush have been working to box things up. They didn’t come with a lot of things; they didn’t bring a lot of furniture here. So mostly what they have are books, obviously their clothes, and then some of the things that they’ve picked up along the way on their travels as they’ve traveled.

Watch it: