Bollywood says goodbye to Bush with ‘mock documentary.’

Reuters reports that “Bollywood is ready with a farewell present” for President Bush, releasing a “film that takes pot shots at the outgoing U.S. president.” The movie, called “The President is Coming,” tells the story of six Indians vying for a chance to shake hands with Bush. The film’s trailer includes this exchange (near the end):

ACTOR: “You’re crazy, man. A narrow-minded chauvinist who hates people from different cultural backgrounds.”

ACTOR 2: “But that is just like Bush!”

Watch it:

“The premise wouldn’t have been as much fun if any of the other presidents had been around,” said the film’s director. “The whole fun of it is that it’s President Bush.” The movie debuts on Friday, Jan. 16. From the looks of the trailer, it’s no Slumdog Millionaire.