Debunking the top 10 conservative myths about health care reform.

daschleglasses.jpgToday, the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions is holding confirmation hearings for former senator Tom Daschle, President-elect Obama’s nominee to head the Department of Health and Human Services. In advance of the confirmation, conservatives have been actively filling the nation’s leading newspapers with editorials attacking Daschle and misrepresenting the consequences and implications of expanding access to affordable health care coverage. In a new report released today, the Wonk Room identifies and debunks the right-wing’s most widely-circulated myths about reform:

MYTH: The government will ration care. “The Left’s idea of limiting Medicare spending is to have bureaucrats tell Mom she cannot have the cancer treatment she wants. [Washington Times, 12/28/2008]

REALITY: Progressive proposals will allow Mom and her doctor to choose the best treatment for her cancer. Research into the comparative effectiveness of treatments can identify the procedures that provide the best results at the lowest cost. Currently, at least one-third of medical procedures have questionable benefits, according to the Rand Corporation. [Rand Corporation, 1998]

The Wonk Room will be blogging Daschle’s confirmation hearing that started at 10 am.