Pelosi: Bush is bragging about failed Social Security privatization efforts because he failed elsewhere.

Last week, President Bush told the Weekly Standard’s Fred Barnes that his unsuccessful push to privatize Social Security was his biggest domestic policy achievement. In an interview with PBS’s Jim Lehrer last night, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) knocked Bush for the claim, saying it was “curious” that Bush would cite something that was not only “bad policy,” but “also that he did not succeed with.” Pelosi then suggested that Bush may have cited it because he had failed in so many other areas:

PELOSI: I think it’s a presidency of missed opportunities. He took us to a war without end. I think that the Bush presidency did great harm to America with this war, with the enormous budget deficits, the challenges to the Constitution of the United States, the financial crisis that we are in.

Maybe that’s why that was all the president could point to, his attempt to privatize Social Security. But in this downturn in the financial — the stock market, thank God we won that fight.

Watch it: