Lamar Alexander: ‘Coal is a dirty business.’

Before yesterday’s Senate hearing on the devastating Tennessee coal plant billion-gallon ash spill, Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN) admitted the truth about coal. Alexander told Knoxville’s WVLT-TV: “Coal is a dirty business.” Watch it:

By challenging the myth of “clean coal,” Alexander joins the likes of former Vice President and Tennessee senator Al Gore (“Clean coal’s like healthy cigarettes”), Sen. Harry Reid (“Coal makes us sick”) and Vice-President elect Joe Biden (“They’re killing you”). The Wonk Room has more on the coal ash spill Senate hearing.


The Tennessean reports that there has been a second TVA spill, today’s occurring at the Widows Creek coal-burning power plant in northeastern Alabama. A “break in a pipe that removes water from the 147-acre gypsum pond” reportedly caused the leak, which resulted in “the spill of gypsum slurry at 10,000 gallons.” “Some materials flowed into Widows Creek, although most of the leakage remained in the settling pond,” said a TVA spokesman.

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