Huckabee: I’m not ‘pro-gay.’

During the presidential campaign, far-right conservative columnist Ann Coulter made a hobby of criticizing former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee as insufficiently conservative, including claiming that the virulently anti-gay Huckabee was “pro-sodomy.” This past Saturday, when Huckabee hosted Coulter on his Fox News show, he tried to rebut her charges, declaring the he was not “pro-gay”:

HUCKABEE: I am not, as you characterized me in one article, pro-gay, pro-sodomy. That is so not me.

COULTER: Yes, there was a Supreme Court decision. You said you agreed or disagreed with. Yes, I got you on that Mike Huckabee.

HUCKABEE: Nope. You didn’t. I am definitely not pro-sodomy. I promise, scout’s honor.

Watch it:

As ThinkProgress has previously noted, as governor of Arkansas, Huckabee pushed an amendment to ban sodomy in the state in order to “protect the traditional family structure.”