Fred Barnes doesn’t bat an eye when C-Span caller and Barnes fan calls Obama ‘Mr. Monkey Boy’.

Today on C-Span’s “Washington Journal,” conservative columnist Fred Barnes continued to defend the Bush presidency and insisted that Barack Obama would not represent much change from Bush. When a caller — who identified himself as a big fan of Barnes — referred to Obama as “Mr. Monkey Boy,” Barnes didn’t bat an eye, immediately addressing the caller’s question without pausing to condemn the epithet. Watch it:

Bigotry doesn’t seem to bother Fred Barnes. In fact, he urged Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) to exploit anti-gay bigotry in order to revive his flailing campaign, saying McCain was “going to have to use” gay-bashing to get elected. He also insisted it was “obviously right” to say that Obama would not have won the primary race against Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) “if he were not black.”