Fred Hiatt on Kristol: ‘I thought he wrote a good column.’

hiattweb.jpgToday, Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol wrote his final column for the New York Times and — despite a dismal record with the facts — will soon take up residence at the op-ed pages of The Washington Post. Noting that “[i]t’s extraordinary to see the job security someone like Kristol enjoys,” Steve Benen asked, “In what universe does the nation’s second most prominent newspaper decide it wants to pay and publish the failed cast-off of its chief rival?” Perhaps a universe in which Fred Hiatt is boss. The Post’s editorial page editor explained the decision:

I think he’s a very smart, plugged-in guy,” Hiatt told Politico, “and the question of how and whether the conservative movement and the Republican party are going to right themselves, and redefine themselves, will be one of the really interesting subtexts of the Obama era.” […]

I thought he wrote a good column,” Hiatt said, of Kristol’s work at the Times.

It does seem fitting that Hiatt — whom Forbes magazine has said is the nation’s third most influential liberal — would think highly of Kristol. After all, both fervently advocated and continue to support the Iraq war, both defended the Bush administration’s leak of Valerie Plame’s CIA identity, and both seem to have trouble making sure their editorials are 100 percent truthful.