Unlike Cheney’s energy task force, Biden’s middle-class task force will be transparent.

Since taking office, Vice President Joe Biden has taken several concrete steps to restore transparency to an office that was shrouded in secrecy by Dick Cheney. In the latest move, Biden’s new middle-class task force will provide the public with details of whom he meets with:

Mr. Biden’s team is positioning the vice president to play up his differences with Mr. Cheney. For example, Mr. Biden’s new task force on middle-class families will have a Web site complete with details of all meetings, attendees and policies, in contrast to Mr. Cheney’s energy task force, which he fought to keep secret in court.

In 2001, Cheney refused to disclose his contacts with energy industry executives and lobbyists, taking his case all the way to the Supreme Court. In 2007, the Washington Post reported that Cheney had “held at least 40 meetings with interest groups, most of them from energy-producing industries.”