Changing Winds

By Brian Beutler

Ed Kilgore is taken aback by the swift upheaval of conventional stimulus wisdom:

Perhaps it’s inevitable because of the quasi-mythical status of Team Obama as it took office, which created high expectations of instant political mastery, but still, I’ve never quite seen so much of a mood-shift based on, well, a mood-shift. Obama’s not perceived as doing well because people are saying that Obama’s not perceived as doing well. This is the sort of self-proliferating cycle of negative perceptions that can develop a ferocious energy, but can also dissipate rapidly in the fact of real-life events.

Events such as this and this? Ed is completely correct, and perhaps the panic is subsiding and giving way to common sense once again. But at the same time a lot has changed in those 48 hours.

The Democratic conferees better be ready to show up and do what Republicans did when they controlled both chambers–to cut out the stuff that’s been inserted to buy votes from people like Johnny Isakson, and reinsert some of the stuff that’s been cut out… to buy votes from people like Johnny Isakson. Republicans used that power to make a huge mess, and Democrats ought to be willing to use it to clean that mess up.