Recession Reality: Lindsey Graham and Jim DeMint’s South Carolina.

South Carolina Sens. Lindsey Graham (R) and Jim DeMint (R) have been two of the most ardent opponents of President Obama’s economic recovery plan. “They’re trying to jam through the Congress a bill that will have long-lasting consequences that will not stimulate the economy but grow the government,” said Graham on Fox News last week. “This bill is not a stimulus, ladies and gentlemen; it is a mugging. It is a fraud,” said DeMint last month. The CBO estimates that the Senate’s stimulus plan could create 3.9 million jobs by 2010. Instead of opposing it, the South Carolina senators should take note of the “recession reality” in their state. Watch it:

As the video above notes, South Carolinians are facing pay cuts, lay offs, and the elimination of Medicaid benefits. Some families are so hard hit that they’re even “getting rid of the family pet because they can’t afford it anymore.”


According to Center for American Progress’ Will Straw, the “centrist” cuts to the Senate recovery bill will cost South Carolina between 7,225 – 8,785 jobs.

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