Local news coverage favors economic recovery bill.

As Think Progress has reported, Republican lawmakers appeared on the five cable news networks to discuss the economic recovery package nearly twice as often as their Democratic counterparts during the past two weeks, causing some to suggest that President Obama was losing the stimulus message war. However, Rep. Chris Van Hollen’s (D-MD) office has compiled statistics showing that progressives may be winning the battle on local news:

Democrats looked at 29 districts that Democrats took over in either 2006 or 2009, districts that tend to be swing or conservative districts. Democrats determined that 92 percent of the local stories portrayed the stimulus in a positive light, touting the benefits the spending would bring to struggling local economies.

Of newspaper stories, 91 percent were positive; TV, 96 percent; and radio, 85 percent. The analysis excludes editorials and columns and stuck exclusively to reported stories.

Today’s Progress Report has more on the public debate over the recovery package here.

Matt Finkelstein