Is Jeb Bush criticizing Rush Limbaugh?

In an interview with Fred Barnes for the Wall Street Journal, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) advised Republicans to “avoid personal, partisan attacks” on President Obama:

I would never want Obama to go through what my brother went through. It might be fair that every president gets the same amount of vitriol. But it’s not right for our country, it’s not going to help us, and it’s not going to help Republicans.

If Bush is sincere about that message, he should direct it as his fellow Sunshine Stater, Rush Limbaugh. Just this past Friday, Limbaugh reiterated his desire to see Obama fail. “I want everything he’s doing to fail. … I want everything he’s doing to fail,” Limbaugh said. Watch it:


In Aug. 2008, Jeb told Rush: “One of the highlights, one of the great things about your show is it’s broadcast in the Sunshine State, for which a whole lot of Floridians are very grateful, including me.”

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