Log Cabin Republicans slam Steele’s comments on civil unions.

As ThinkProgress first reported, GOP Chairman Michael Steele was asked on a radio show Monday whether the party should “consider” civil unions. “No, no no. What would we do that for? What are you, crazy?” he replied. The Log Cabin Republicans condemned Steele’s comments in a press release put out yesterday:

steelegop.gif“The politics of the past were clearly rejected in the November election. We hope Chairman Steele will work to build a more inclusive Republican Party that can win elections,” said Log Cabin Republicans National Chairman Terry Hamilton. Hamilton continued, “Such comments marginalize gay and lesbian Americans, and further alienate the mainstream, moderate, and independent-minded voters that left the Republican Party in the November election.”

We need an inclusive GOP to reach out to new constituencies and to attract younger voters, women, Latinos, African Americans, and others who share our view of limited government and low taxes. The Log Cabin Republicans remain committed to working with other mainstream GOP groups and fair-minded Republicans to rebuild the Party.

Just last month, the Log Cabin Republicans had enthusiastically cheered Steele’s election to the chairmanship. “It’s a great day for our Party. Steele is an inclusive leader who will bring a new energy and a new vision to the GOP at a critical time,” president Patrick Sammon said. Steele has been invited to speak at LCR’s convention in April but has not yet said whether he’ll attend.