Bush charging $150,000 and private jet travel for speeches.

bush-stupid-small.jpgNow that Bush has officially joined the lecture circuit, it seems he’s seeking to make good on his hope to earn “ridiculous” money. The Dallas Morning News reports that he’s charging $150,000 per speech and demanding a private jet to take him to the speech venue:

President George W. Bush may have left office with a historically bad 22% approval rating, but he’s still eager to impart his wisdom — for $150,000 a speech.

The former president will charge that hefty fee per pep talk — plus first-class or private jet transport for four — when he hits the lecture circuit next month with stopovers in Canada, the U.S. and other spots around the globe, sources told The News.

He does give the locals a discount, charging Dallas gigs a scant $100,000.