Number of Washington Post op-eds by women in the past two days: 0.

In recent days, Washington Post editorial page editor Fred Hiatt has come under intense criticism for allowing columnist George Will to spout lies about global warming science. Media Matters follows up today, noting that the editorial page has been especially biased toward conservatives in recent days:

Yesterday’s Washington Post featured op-eds by Henry Kissinger, David Broder, Bill Kristol, David Ignatius, and George Will. Today’s brings op-eds from George Will, Michael Gerson, Charles Krauthammer, Michael Kinsley, and Eugene Robinson.

That’s ten columns total. One is by a liberal (Robinson), one by a contrarian who may lean left (Kinsley), two by centrist Villagers (Broder and Ignatius – and remember, Village centrists are typically to the right of the actual center.) And six are by staunch conservatives – Will (twice), Krauthammer, former Nixon aide Kissinger, former Bush I aide Kristol, and former Bush II aide Gerson.

Atrios also points out that there hasn’t been a single woman writer. In fact, during the past week, there have been only four pieces written by women (Anne Applebaum, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, Ruth Marcus, and Kathleen Parker).


Jane Hamsher looks at one female Washington Post contributor from Sunday.

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