CPAC Organizer David Keene Claims Conservatives Were Fed Up With Bush ‘For Some Time’

This year at the Conservative Political Action Conference, most of the speakers have spent their time bashing President Obama, while generally avoiding the subject of President Bush.Speaking this morning, Newt Gingrich tried to tie the two together, repeatedly calling Obama’s economic agenda the “Bush/Obama plan” and decried the “big spending” of both presidents. “We didn’t get real change,” Gingrich said.

Yesterday, TalkingPointsMemo spoke with David Keene, the chairman of the CPAC-organizing American Conservative Union and a former aide to Bob Dole, who suggested that conservatives have been frustrated with Bush for years. He said criticism of Bush was “consistent with the belief we’ve had for some time.” Watch it:

Keene has a short memory. Last year, he expressed his “delight” that Bush would be attending the 2008 conference, calling it “a great opportunity for thousands of conservatives” to “evaluate the accomplishments of his administration.” As for the conservative community, when Bush stood up to speak, the entire audience rapturously chanted, “Four more years!

And the adulation hasn’t ended. ThinkProgress reporters attending CPAC noted that there are large photos of Bush and Cheney speaking at CPAC last year hanging in the very front of the main hall. See below: